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With Singapore immigration policies becoming tougher than ever, knowing how to apply for a PR in Singapore correctly is crucial to a successful outcome.

You could be eligible for PR, but if your application isn’t structured correctly, you could be waiting for months only to get the bad news. Worse still, there’s no explanation to help you figure out why.

Because there is no transparency or points system available publicly, we help our clients evaluate their situation to decide when is the best time to apply for PR, based on our history and experience with similar cases.

It’s always better to get approved first time, because once you’ve been rejected your previous application stays on file. Any future PR applications are cross referenced against this, which makes it harder to structure your application much differently.

Recently the residency and salary requirements for permanent residency in Singapore have increased substantially, even from just a year ago, so that’s why you might hear conflicting stories from your friends and colleagues. And most of what you find online is totally outdated.

If you’re not sure or you just want a second opinion, we’ll be glad to review your case and see if we can help. There’s no obligation to use our service, and if you want the peace of mind we’re always here.

Please note that we cannot give specific advice or recommendations until we have reviewed your case. The fastest way to get our help is to sign up for a free consultation, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

The statistics show that 70% of PR applications are rejected, and this is often due to a lack of experience with understanding how to structure and submit your application (given the lack of official guidance available).

However, submitting your own application is probably the cheapest way to go, and if you’re not too bothered by the outcome, maybe this is the best option for you. If budget is a real issue, you should consider that maybe you are not eligible for PR yet, and it’s worth waiting until your situation improves.

Of course there are no guarantees when using an immigration firm either, and you should do your research carefully to understand the level of service and experience the firm has, before you trust them with your future.

Here’s some factors you should look for, when engaging a professional service provider like Caymans to manage your permanent residency application:

1) Experience – We have completed more than 1000 successful applications since 2005. Our core focus has always been permanent residency and immigration, and our track record speaks for itself.

2) Licensed – We are certified by the Ministry of Manpower and the Accounting Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore .

3) Attitude – We are results driven and will go all out to attain the best possible result for our clients. We are the only firm in Singapore that will keep applying on your behalf for up to 5 years until your PR is granted – at no extra cost!

Source: Eligibility The following categories of foreigners are eligible to apply for permanent residence: (a) Spouse and unmarried children (below 21 years old) of a Singapore Citizen (SC)/SingaporePermanent Resident (SPR) (b) Aged Parents of a SC (c) Employment Pass/ S Pass holders (d) Investors/Entrepreneurs Documents Required The forms mentioned below are available online (you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print the forms) and at the Permanent Resident Services Centre*. *Permanent Resident Services Centre 5th Storey, ICA Building 10 Kallang Road (Next to Lavender MRT station) Singapore 208718 (a) For Spouse/Child of a SC/SPR Completed Form 4 Download the Accompanying Notes to Form 4. This will list the supporting documents that will have to be submitted together with your application. (b) Aged Parents of a SC Completed Form 4 Download the Accompanying Notes to Form 4. This will list the supporting documents that will have to be submitted together with your application. (c) For Employment Pass/ S Pass Holder (Applying under the Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme) 2 sets of completed Form 4A (one original and one photocopy) Download the Accompanying Notes to Form 4A. This will list the supporting documents that will have to be submitted together with your application. Procedure For (a) Spouse/Child of a SC/ SPR (b) Aged Parents of a SC (c) Employment Pass/ S Pass Holder You are to submit the completed application form together with the required documents over the counter at Permanent Resident Services Centre*. However please note that the submission of PR application is by appointment only. You can make an appointment through the following e-Service: Electronic Appointment Booking System (e-Appointment) *Permanent Resident Services Centre 5th Storey, ICA Building 10 Kallang Road (Next to Lavender MRT station) Singapore 208718 For (d) For the Investor/Entrepreneur who are Interested in Taking Up Permanent Residence in Singapore Investors/Entrepreneurs may apply for permanent residence at Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) under the Global Investor Programme. Please visit for more information on the Global Investor Programme, the assessment criteria and application process. Fees You can make payment for the following fees via NETS or Cashcard: Entry permit : S$100 Re-Entry Permit : S$10 per year Visa Fee : $30 per issue (for foreigners requiring a visa) National Service Liability Under the Enlistment Act, all male Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, unless exempted, are liable to register for National Service (NS). Following the completion of full-time NS, they will be required to serve up to 40 days of Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) per year for the duration of their ORNS training cycle till the age of 50 years (for officers) or 40 years (for other ranks). Main applicants who are granted PR status under the Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) Scheme or the Investor Scheme are exempted from NS. Male children who are granted PR status under their parents’ sponsorship are liable for NS under the Enlistment Act. They are required to register for NS upon reaching 16½ years old and will be scheduled for enlistment at the earliest opportunity upon reaching 18 years old. If they are pursuing full-time studies, deferment from full-time NS may be granted only if they meet the deferment conditions stipulated by the Ministry of Defence which can be found at All NS-liable males aged 13 years old and above, are required to obtain an Exit Permit (EP) when travelling overseas for 3 months or more. NS-liable PRs are expected to serve NS. Renouncing or losing one’s PR status without serving or completing full-time NS would have an adverse impact on any immediate or future applications to work or study in Singapore, or for Singapore citizenship or PR status. Renouncing or losing one’s PR status without serving or completing full-time NS may also adversely affect any immediate or future applications for renewal of Re-entry Permits made by one’s family members or sponsors. Males who are granted Singapore PR, and who were previously Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents, are liable to be called up for NS regardless of the type of PR status they have been granted. For further enquiries, please write to: Central Manpower Base CMPB Podium 3, Depot Road Singapore 109680 Tel : 1800-3676767 (local) 65-65676767 (overseas) Email:   Additional Information For all correspondences to the department, please state the file reference number, the Foreign Identification Number (FIN), the name and date of birth of the applicant. Please ensure that the original documents, official translation (if the document is not in the English language) and a copy of all documents are produced for our retention. Insufficient documents may result in non-acceptance of application. Additional documents to support the application may be required. The grant of permanent residence does not exempt an individual from registration with the relevant professional bodies or any other conditions as required under the respective professions. ICA may share your personal information with other Government agencies to process any application you have made or to render you a service, so as to serve you in an efficient and effective way, unless such sharing is prohibited by legislation. Source: Permanent Resident Application Non-Singaporeans can become Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs) by obtaining an Entry Permit. An application for an Entry Permit is an application for Singapore Permanent Residence. The following categories of foreigners are eligible to submit applications: Spouse and unmarried children (below 21 years old) of a Singapore Citizen (SC)/Permanent Resident (SPR); Aged parents of a Singapore Citizen; P, Q or S work pass holders working in Singapore; Investors/Entrepreneurs; Foreigners who satisfy certain guidelines can apply for permanent residence by submitting applications through SMC Management Consultants Pte Ltd in Singapore. Spouse and unmarried children of Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident For details of the requirements and application forms, please go to Applicants may submit their application and supporting documents through the Singapore Embassy. The Mission will not need to collect any processing fees on behalf of ICA. Upon approval of PR application, the successful applicant will have to complete the PR formalities in person at the ICA Building in Singapore. ICA itself does not collect processing fees and only collects certain fees for issuance of documents (fees to be paid directly to ICA at ICA itself will be clearly stated in the approval letter). Global Investor Programme (GIP) for Investors/Entrepreneurs The GIP eases the way for foreign investors, entrepreneurs and business executives to set up and conduct businesses in Singapore. EDB will provide assistance in linking up foreign entrepreneurs and investors with local business networks, thus opening up more opportunities for business collaborations. Through the GIP, you can tap on with ease a range of immigration facilitation for your entry and stay in Singapore. Investors/Entrepreneurs who have a good track record and who are interested to invest in Singapore may apply for PR. Please view the EDB website for details of the Investment Scheme, or liaise with the Singapore Economic Development Board or any of its international offices. The Singapore Economic Board Website is Processing Time The processing time for an application is 3 months. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by mail. Applicant should notify ICA if there are any changes in his/her address. For more details on PR, please visit the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Homepage @

Singapore Permanent Residency

Entrepreneurs, professionals and expatriates are choosing Singapore as their ideal destination to live and work. This is mainly due to this country’s vibrant economy, efficient and strong governance, political stability, safe and clean environment as well as great public infrastructure that make up for good quality of life. As such, many people are seeking information on how they can attain permanent residency status for Singapore. Generally, preference for Singapore permanent residency is given to those people that are able to contribute to the economy the society as well as in terms of qualifications, work experience, income potential and professional skills and have met the PR requirements for Singapore.

How to Apply for PR in Singapore

Gaining the Singapore permanent residency status is a gateways to accessing many great opportunities as well as right that full citizens are entitled to. However, this comes with a number of obligations such as understanding how to apply for PR in Singapore and meeting the requirements for permanent residence. This is actually the first important step to acquiring Singapore residency because the process involves fulfilling certain procedures. Here is how to apply for Singapore permanent residency:

  • You need to book for an appointment with the migration department. This must be done early because you may be required to wait for months before you can secure an appointment. Remember, there are many people seeking this opportunity just as you are.
  • You will then be required to fill a form with the main interest being your work history. This is submitted alongside your CV. Ensure that your history is devoid of gaps as it is presumed that you may be involved in illicit activities like drug smuggling and piracy among others. You may also be required to attach the CVs of your siblings and parents.
  • Documents that are not in English must be translated.
  • Your identity card should carry your race that is determined by the race of your father. Mixed race is not considered.
  • Upon submitting your application, you will be required to wait for about six to 12 months as your application is processed.

While this process seems long and tedious, it is worth the hassle of you meet the PR requirements for Singapore.

Singapore PR Eligibility Requirements

The Singapore immigration and checkpoint authority has put together a number of requirements for permanent residence that you need to fulfill in order to be granted permanent residency status. The eligibility criteria varies depending on the different categories of people that may be interested in becoming Singapore citizens namely investors/entrepreneurs, employment pass holders, aged parents of a Singapore citizen and spouses as well as unmarried children aged below 21 years of a Singapore permanent resident or Singapore citizen. Thus, each of these groups of people should meet the criteria that apply to their category. There are a number of requirements for permanent residence in Singapore that you must meet when filing your application include the application form 4A that should be submitted along with a photocopy. Other documents that must be submitted include the following:

  • Valid travel documents.
  • Recent passport sized photographs.
  • A work pass.
  • Identity card.
  • Your birth certificate.
  • Professional and educational certificates that include two copies of your diploma or degree.
  • Testimonials from previous employer clearly outlining the duration, nature as well as compensation of employment.
  • Your pay slips for the past six months.
  • Income tax notices of assessment for three years.
  • Ultimately, it is important to take into account the fact that other factors may be considered depending on the category you belong to when applying for permanent residency.

Singapore Permanent Residency Benefits

Attaining the Singapore permanent residency status comes with numerous benefits even though there are also a number of obligations that you will be required to fulfill. Some of the benefits include the following:-

  • When you meet the PR requirements for Singapore and you application is approved, you are entitled to live anywhere within Singapore without being under any visa restrictions.
  • You will exercise the freedom of movement in and out of the country as you wish without being subjected to any restrictions.
  • When you become a Singapore permanent resident, your unmarried children and spouse gain the status too while your parents become eligible for the long stay visas.
  • Your children will not only have a right to the education system but will be given priority over citizens when entering public schools that they choose.
  • You have the right to enrolment into a compulsory pension scheme commonly referred to as the Central Provident Fund (CPF) where your employer will make the contribution. This is important and beneficial in terms of home ownership, health care, growing your assets and family protection. Moreover, this also helps you to enjoy some tax relief when paying for a housing loan or purchasing unit trusts/insurance.
  • You will not need to process a new working visa when changing jobs unlike employment pass holders that have to cancel their visas whenever they want to switch jobs and this comes with great inherent risks like rejection of the new application or delay in approval that could force one to leave.
  • You are free to work anywhere in the country.
  • The amount of taxable income also becomes lower due to the central provident fund contributions.
  • You are also eligible to borrow up to 80% of housing loan should you want to buy a house or other property.
  • You can buy property as you are part of the Singapore society.
  • You also get to enjoy job security.

If you meet the requirements for permanent residence in Singapore and have your application processed and residency granted, the government of Singapore will require that your sons go through military service once they attain age 18 as per the law. In summary, it is possible to gain Singapore permanent residency as long as you meet the PR requirements for Singapore.