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"I was about to file the PR application myself when I thought to get it checked over by an immigration consultant. My friend recommended this service to me so I took advantage of their free consultation.

They spotted a discrepancy in my application that could have delayed and potentially prevented getting my PR, so it was definitely the right choice. Very professional and reasonable prices compared to most of the other providers out there."

Shankar Ramasamy
Estimated Savings: S$164,000

Citizenship: Indian
Children: 2
Property Value: S$550,000

"I was worried about applying for a Singapore PR on my own as I’d heard lots of stories about people getting rejected, and no explanation is ever given by MOM. I decided to play it safe and get some expert advice, and when I asked a few questions about my situation it was obvious these guys really knew their stuff.

They handled all the paperwork and 5 months later my PR was granted, and communication was great throughout so I felt assured that everything was moving along."

May Ling
Estimated Savings: S$118,000

Citizenship: Malaysian
Children: 1
Property Value: S$430,000

I’ve been living and working in Singapore for some time now, and feel quite settled so applying for a PR seemed like the next logical step. When the job market dried up a lot of my expat colleagues got retrenched and had to leave, so I wanted to avoid the same situation happening to me.

They assured me I had a good chance of being approved, so I asked them to manage the process as I was very busy and wanted it done right. Sure enough they pulled through, and now I have the peace of mind that I can stay here and build a long term future for me and my family."

Nick Farrer
Estimated Savings: S$250,000

Citizenship: USA
Children: 3

Property Value: S$910,000

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